The City

© Wannes Cré

If you listen carefully, I mean very well
Then you hear it, somewhere… a sound.
It's very soft. Sometimes it just starts by itself.
And then suddenly it is gone again ..
A crack, a light, soft crack.

"It's as if the room is talking to you," you always said and laughed as only you can.

A colorful sculpture, made up of wooden constructions and grids, form the buildings of a city. Parts revolve around and in each other. Moving lights make shadow images visible on the walls. Sound takes us to the indoor and outdoor spaces. The journey stops in a room.
A narrator tells. It's an inner conversation. A man loses a woman. He wanders through streets full of memories. He wants to find her, but what if she can't be found?

Sculpture and concept: Erki De Vries en Freija Van Esbroeck | music: Ruben Nachtergaelen | narrator and text: Michiel Alberts



| 16h00 | The City | Stormkop | Antwerpen
| 14h30 | The City | Stormkop | Antwerpen
| 11h30 | The City | Stormkop | Antwerpen