A total experience on the border between art, stop motion animation, music, acting and text

Territoria arises from the shared fascination of theater maker An De Donder, visual artist and designer Freija Van Esbroeck and scenographer Erki De Vries for the music of Wim Henderickx.

Territoria is the story of a woman who roams in a labyrinth of dreams and desire, fears and memories. The suggestive and volatile music of Wim Henderickx’s string quartets Om, In Deep Silence III and The Seven Chakras provides the basis for the complete experience. Territoria is an exciting encounter between the visual arts, stop motion animation, music, acting and text.

Text: Paul Verrept | Composition: Wim Henderickx | With: An De Donder | Concept and direction: An De Donder, Erki De Vries and Freija Van Esbroeck | Scenography: Erki De Vries | Animation: Paul Delissen | Light design: Peter Quasters | Sound: Bart Celis | In deep silence III: Quatuor Danel | Om: Spiegel String Quartet | The Seven Chakras: Spiegel String Quartet | Video: Freija Van Esbroeck and Paul Delissen | Sculptures: Freija Van Esbroeck | Production: De Diepe Rivieren vzw | Coproduction: Muziektheater Transparant, STUK and Monty | With the support of: the Flemish Government | Thanks to: deSingel, Extra City and Voorkamer



2013-06-02 | 15h30 | Operadagen Rotterdam | Rotterdam (NL)
2013-06-01 | 17h30 | Operadagen Rotterdam | Rotterdam (NL)
2013-06-01 | 20h30 | Operadagen Rotterdam | Rotterdam (NL)
2013-01-25 | 20h30 | Monty | Antwerpen
2013-01-24 | 20h30 | Monty | Antwerpen
2013-01-17 | 20h30 | Kunstencentrum STUK | Leuven
2013-01-16 | 20h30 | Kunstencentrum STUK | Leuven