The Fold

‘for the fold announces that the inside is nothing more than a fold of the outside’
Simon O'Sullivan, Definition: 'Fold' The Deleuze Dictionary (2005)

Immanent – self-contained, not exceeding the matter - Pieter Huybrechts and Erki de Vries reread their working space over and over again. With the use of re-enactments and constructions, existing information is changed into a new enlarged space. This also applies to ‘The Fold’.
The Fold’ exists of multiple segments. First of al there is a large installation which contains a system of one-fold plates. Alongside this central work there is a series of works that imprint the different point of views coming from this installation piece. Second in
this exhibition is the folded interpretation coming from an earlier installation in Museum M, Leuven and CC Mechelen.

‘The Fold’ is part of the ‘The Bookproject’, a research set up by Huybrechts and De Vries in 2012. With their first attempt to collaborate they emplified an installation into a sculpture in the form of a book. This collaboration resulted into a kaleidoscopic sequence of consecutive spaces, enclosed in a leporello. This first elaboration in ‘The Bookproject’ was the starting point for an ungoing research, where installations, photography and the development of the book will compose each other. An interaction that results in unprecedented depth in the image. You gain the idea to always look further than what is possible.

The concept of Le Pli / The Fold from Gilles Deleuze is dedicated to the constitute subjectivity and the evolution of possibilities. Everything that is, will be but with our authentic way of observing, everything can change. In an ungoing movement. Details of the space are formed into a whole new space. By placing image upon image, The Book Project always reveals a new space, originating from existing information.