Focusing on remembering and forgetting. Within this frame, we have the intention to reflect on our background education: engineering and architecture. This situation made us think about remembering and forgetting. Getting lost in the further past and more specifically remembering our learning experience. Our question is: “How can we perceive something as if it is our first experience; face something we have already known or something we have forgotten?” These remembrances allowed us to focus on the relation between machine and space.

We also want to see the transformation of body and kinaesthetic energy into other forms. We are interested in the extension of the body (like sound-volume) and skin-surface relation, as we are working with bending the space with the distortion of the perception.

We collaborated with the Erki De Vries for scenography and Cevdet Erek for sound and music design; both performing live along with the dancers. These collaborations mostly affected the research on movement and the dramaturgy of the project.

Choreography and interpretation: Mustafa Kaplan / Filiz Sızanlı | Sound and music: Cevdet Erek | Stage design: Erki De Vries with Filiz Sızanlı and Mustafa Kaplan | Costume: Naz Erayda | Text: Kerem Kurdoğlu | Light design: Yann Marrusich | Co-production: ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artist Association & Montpellier Danse Festival, French Institute Istanbul, Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Seine Saint-Denis, CND Paris | Première: Montpellier Danse, June 2006

Duur: 60 min.