The Happy Prince

“In the delicate balance between the faithful narration of Oscar Wilde, a fascinating visual solution and sublime music, all ingredients were on the same track.”
Veronique Rubens, De Standaard (15/11/2006)

The sculpture of the happy prince stands high above the city, on a majestic pillar. The sculpture is covered with fine gold leaf, the eyes of the prince are two shining sapphires, the handle of his sword is adorned by a large red ruby. Now that the prince’s sculpture stands high above the city, he sees that people are less happy than he had thought when he was still alive. The prince decides to donate his last treasures to the poor with the assistance of a tiny swallow.

Actress An De Donder brings the world-famous tail by Oscar Wilde to life. Members of the Oxalys ensemble sit by the foot of the sculpture and reanimate the prince with wonderful music by Schubert, Mozart and Gubaidulina. A tale about love and poverty, reed and the desert, a distant pharaoh, a swallow and a prince. A prince who sees, a prince who cries…

Concept, direction and with: An De donder | Music: Franz Schubert, W.A. Mozart and Sofia Gubaidulina | Light and set design: Jef De Cremer | Image: Freija Van Esbroeck | Video: Raf Peeters | Soundscape: Michel Vanderhaeghen | Realisation: Oxalys Ensemble | Production: Muziektheater Transparant in cooperation with Oxalys Ensemble | Thanks to Linde De Donder