The Queen without a Country

@Koen Broos

“Rarely do we see the translation of a traumatic memory in such a tangible form on the scene”
Wouter Hillaert, De Standaard

The Queen without a Country is a surprising contemporary tale about love and loss. A devastating storm demolishes the kingdom, a wall of water chases away the king and the queen from their castle. What’s more, from their country. Their daughter doesn't feel home in their new no-mans-land and never sets a foot on the ground. Not even a toe. When her parents die, she crowns herself the new queen of a country that doesn't exist: a country of only words. “ I am a living memory, a remainder, a last example.” The dilemma of the young queen is recognizable for all refugees. Wim Henderickx, the composer of the group, translates her homesickness into brilliant music.

The set design of The Queen without a Country came about with help by Erki De Vries and Kristin Vanden Bosch.

Composition and musical direction: Wim Henderickx | Text: Paul Verrept | Concept and direction: Wouter Van Looy | Set design: Freija Van Esbroeck | Sound design: Bart Celis | Electronics: Jorrit Tamminga | Video: Paul Delissen and Wouter Van Looy | Light design: Peter Quasters | Singers: Reut Rivka, Natascha Young, Els Mondelaers and Frank Wörner | Actor: Mensah Adams | Percussion: BL!NDMAN [drums] Tom De Cock, Ruben Cooman and Christiaan Saris | Voice-Off: Marie Vinck | Videofiguration: Luiza Garbuzian | Costumes: Johanna Trudzinski | Production: Muziektheater Transparant | Coproduction: Zomer van Antwerpen, Concertgebouw Brugge, Operadagen Rotterdam and Parktheater Eindhoven