The Happy Prince

The sculpture of the happy prince stands high above the city, on a majestic pillar. The sculpture is covered with fine gold leaf, the eyes of the prince are two shining sapphires, the handle of his sword is adorned by a large red ruby.

Actress An De Donder relates the moving story of a friendship between the dead prince and a tiny swallow. The stage set is sober. Music is played by cellist Frans Grapperhaus. Text and music blend seamlessly into a new whole: An De Donder’s warm voice and the melancholic sound of the cello envelop you in an hour of magic. Gelukkige prins is an intimate play about love and self-sacrifice, with a humorous note every now and then. It is a tale with a universal theme suitable for all public.

Concept, direction and with: An De Donder | Music: Frans Grapperhaus | Scenography: Freija Van Esbroeck | Production: Muziektheater Transparant