Homo Sapiens

The human species is put in an environment stripped off from its usual context. It finds itself in a white, clinical and ever-transforming universe, manipulated by forces and creatures difficult to fathom. Homo sapiens. What does he seek? What are his fears? What his dreams? How does he fill up the time between cradle and grave? How does he cope with the blind and senseless environment around him?

Homo sapiens by Wolff is an attempt to give shape to the mystery of our species. Sound, scenography and light blend together to form a wordless stage trip not to be forgotten.
Homo sapiens is the third part of Darwintrilogy, a triptych of science, exposition and stage experience as a result of the 2009 Darwin Year.

More about Darwintrilogy: In Part I (Science), six renowned scientists from different backgrounds (cosmology, evolutionary biology, neurosurgery, geology, moral philosophy and artificial intelligence) were invited to give a lecture on the influence Darwin's theory had and still has on their specific domain. Part I was concluded by a debate between these scientists on the topic 'How far does Darwins arm reach?' In Part II (Installation) the content of the scientific lectures were used as a basis to work on an installation which, at the same time, was a start for the scenographical research for Part III (Stage: Homo sapiens).

Direction: Thomas Ryckewaert and Daphné Verhelst | With: Anton Boon, Lieven Demecheleer, Werner Nigg, Pascal Maetens, Joke Raes, Diane Reiners, Flo Steeno and Thomas Verstraeten | Scenography: Erki De Vries | Sound design: Tim Vets | Light design: Brian Broeders and Erki De Vries | Costumes: Joke Raes | Masks: Freija Van Esbroeck | Technical assistance: Anton Boon and Katrien Pauwels | Production manager and dramaturgy: Marlies Vanhoucke | Production: Wolff | Executive producer: Monty